SharePoint List Template id

When we try to create an app (list or document library) in SharePoint 2019/2016/2013 or SharePoint Online through the browser, then you can just choose a template from various list templates like Document Library, Custom List, Tasks, Picture Library etc. But if you are trying to create a list, library or App through code then you should have to know SharePoint list template id. In SharePoint, each list template type has a template ID associated with it.

Below are the List templates for various list templates in SharePoint (SharePoint list template id):

List Template Type Names

List Template ID

Custom List 100
Document Library 101
Survey List 102
Links 103
Announcements 104
Contacts 105
Calendar 106
Tasks 107
Discussion Board 108
Picture Library 109
DataSources 110
UserInformation 112
Form Library 115
MasterPageCatalog 116
No Code Workflows 117
Custom Workflow Process 118
Wiki Page Library 119
CustomGrid 120
No Code Public Workflows 122
ThemeCatalog 123
AppDataCatalog 125
DataConnectionLibrary 130
Workflow History 140
Project Tasks 150
AccessRequest 160
Promoted Links 170
Agenda 201
Comments 302
Categories 303
Report Library 433
Public Workflows External List 600
AssetLibrary 851
Issue Tracking 1100

Hope this article will be helpful to get SharePoint list template id.