Power Platform Consulting & Development

TSinfo Technologies one of the leading SharePoint development company provides Microsoft Power Platform services to customers in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, etc. We are experts in Business Intelligence (Power BI), Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents.

How Power Platform Help Growing your Business?

Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful business application platform that we can use to analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, create low-code business websites and create virtual agents.

Our Power Platform certified professionals will help you to build end-to-end business solutions to accelerate your business.

It has major 5 components:

  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Power Pages
  • Power Virtual Agents

Our team of Power Platform professionals will empower employees to create various business solutions for themselves and others using Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Power Apps: Allows you to build custom business apps for your business easily
  • Power Automate: Automate your business processes with ready-to-use templates and connectors
  • Power BI: Analyze your data, get insights and make better business decisions
  • Power Virtual Agents: Build Chatbots to engage your customers and employees
  • Power Pages: Build low-code business websites to provide helpful information & services to your customers
Power Platform Consulting Services

Benefits of using Microsoft Power Platform:

  1. Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and countless more applications can all connect to your data using Microsoft Power Platform.
  2. Enterprise-grade platform Power Platform is what gives your business power and improves business outcomes
  3. Enhances the quality and value of the data.
  4. Brings all your company operations together on a single platform.
  5. Enables capability across several devices and remote working.
  6. Improves data security.
  7. Processes are simplified, which boosts overall corporate productivity.
  8. Delivers significant cost savings.
  9. Enables quick capability adoption and optimization.

We are the Authors of Microsoft Power Platform – A Deep Dive book

TSinfo Technologies Microsoft Power Platform Consulting Services

Power Apps Consulting

Our team has experience in developing more than 200 custom business apps in Power Apps. We will help you in easily creating custom business apps for your organization that can connect to various data sources like SharePoint, Azure, Dynamics, etc.

Power Automate Consulting

We will help you automate your daily manual business processes using Power Automate. Our Power Platform experts can design workflows that increase productivity through intelligent workflows, automate tedious business operations with RPA.

Power BI Consulting

By using Microsoft Power BI, organizations can capture real-time data to analyze and get key insights to take right business decisions. Our BI professionals will help you creating various reports and dashboards to analyze data.

Power Virtual Agents

We can help you to create AI-powered chatbots easily to engage conversationally with your customers and employees by using Power virtual agents. The chatbot is an automated customer service tool that can answer all the common questions from your customers.

Power Pages

Power Pages allows to quicky build low-code business websites for displaying useful information and services to customers. Our Team will help to create secure, low code business websites for your organization and customers.

Microsoft Power Apps consulting services

TSinfo Technologies uses the Power Apps platform to quickly create business apps for small, medium, and large organizations. A few of the Power Apps  services offered by us are consulting development, design, migration, support, and maintenance. We have created and published approximately 200 responsive applications for various clients.

Our technological professionals collaborate with you to create unique apps, automate laborious manual tasks, and upgrade already-existing apps. We offer Power Apps (app development) services in India for countries including Canada, the US, Germany, and many others.

How we can help your organization?

  • Build custom canvas apps using Power Apps
  • Application Models using Model-driven app
  • Portals for Power Apps
  • Autonomous business app
  • Custom App using Modern UI and UX
Power Apps Consulting in India

Why Use Microsoft Power Apps?

Accessible via mobile: Utilizing smart mobile capabilities to take pictures, record videos, get signatures, and finish interactive forms is one of the advantages of utilizing Power Apps on a mobile or tablet device.

Efficiency of Price: Power Apps Licensing is a low-code approach, which allows for little development time, and starts as low as £3.80 per user/per app/per month.

No Coding Needed: A no-code or low-code solution is Power Apps. So, one of the main advantages of a low-code strategy is that an app may be deployed considerably more quickly than with traditional development techniques.

Including Microsoft Tool Integration: For Power Apps, a variety of connections are available. Data from Microsoft programs (such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, and others) and other third-party services may be used by developers.

Data Protection: With the help of a specific set of access rights, Power Apps security roles may be created, guaranteeing that workers only view the information necessary for their jobs.

Microsoft Power Automate consulting services

TSInfo Technologies offers unique expertise with Power Automate that can assist you in automating tasks and business processes, as well as integrating with other Microsoft technologies or third-party systems.

According to a Forrester Consulting study published in April 2020, Power Automate reduced error due to increased automation by 27.4 percent and reduced time-to-market by up to 33 percent.

Why choose Power Automate?

Power Automate consulting

Power Automate Mobile Apps

Download the Power Automate iOS, Android, or Windows phone app. You can use mobile apps to create flows from templates, manage your flows, and track flow activity.

Power Automate development

Pre-Built Template

With the help of a pre-built workflow template, Power Automate allows users to create automated workflows without any training or coding experience.

Microsoft flow automation


To reduce repetitive tasks in your daily work, create, use, and share. Request processing, document approvals, notifications, reminders, and other routine tasks can all be automated.

Power Automate AI builder

AI Builder

Using AI Builder, you can add intelligence to your automated processes, predict outcomes, and help improve business performance of the business flow.

flow development in india

No more Time

By automating repetitive, time-consuming but critical business processes, your employees will have more time to focus on more complex tasks on their to-do list. Tasks that contribute more directly to business growth.

Power automate companies in India

Market Value

Power Automates limitless possibilities for creating automated workflows allow your team to re-allocate time normally spent on routine tasks to outputs that generate measurable business value and contribute to the bottom line.

What we offers

TSInfo Technologies is a Microsoft Power Platform partner and early adopter of the Power Platform technology. At TSInfo Technologies, we have a team of certified experts who can use and combine all of the tools available in Power Platform, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and other third-party software. We create custom customized solutions to your business needs, regardless of where your institution is on its digital transformation journey. 

Power Automate Integration

The automation can be a showstopper for your firm. We can assist you in determining which tasks are the leading people for workflow setup by carrying out. Consider request approval, office work, onboarding new employees, or production planning. We are here to help you every step of the way with your integration journey, including training and support to ensure you get the most out of your solution.

Consulting and Training

Our professionals collaborate with you to develop strategies and implement Power Automate solutions that will help your business achieve its goals.

We provide Microsoft Power Automate skills training that are customized to meet your specific needs. We always make certain that our training is strategies to help your team learn the skills required to achieve goals

Design and Customization

Allow our team to assess your corporation’s needs and create a seamless automation strategy to automate processes and achieve greater performance in the shortest amount of time.

Our technical experts indulge in business process automation to help you expand your company’s capabilities.

Develop Custom Connector

We assist you in designing and developing customizable connectors that securely connect to cloud-based data for advanced task automation using all your data sources. We can also integrate Power Automate into existing business applications where employees already work to reduce the complexity and increase implementation.

Managed Services

Power Automate users can depend on our Power Automate developers for managed services. Administration, user request management, and a help desk with integration and complete data security are all part of our Power Automate managed services.

Microsoft Power BI consulting services

TSInfo Technologies team offers Power BI consulting services, and we have Power BI experts who can handle all your business needs. Our team can assist you in designing and developing sophisticated dashboards with great visualization and usability.

TSInfo Technologies’ extensive technological knowledge and 5 years of experience in Microsoft technologies assist enterprises in achieving better outcomes in effective data management, modeling, data reporting, and analysis. Our Microsoft Business Intelligence Services assist enterprises in deriving insights from data across the organization, as well as interactive reports and customizable dashboards

Microsoft Power Bi consulting services

Using Microsoft Power BI, uncover insights in your data

A cloud-based business intelligence software called Microsoft Power BI gives you the ability to gather, examine, visualize, and share data. It consists of a number of software services, applications, and connections that cooperate to combine disparate data sources and transform them into visually compelling, interactive, and informative insights.

This gives you access to a 360-degree view of your company in real-time from any location and on any internet-capable device, enabling you to make decisions that are successful data-driven decisions.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

  • Gain a real-time business perspective
  • Improve data analysis
  • Discover and share valuable knowledge
  • Improving timely data-driven decision-making
  • With industry-leading AI, you can get answers faster
  • Simplify the distribution of enormous amounts of data

Power BI Consulting

From outlining to strategizing to developing a customized report. Our Microsoft Power BI professionals will walk you through every step of implementing top-class business intelligence solutions with Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI Implementation

Our Power BI developers begin with data analysis and authentication to offer a full-scale top-class business intelligence solution. Based on the findings, we proceed with the Power BI solution configuration and implementation as soon as feasible.

Power BI Data Modeling & Analytics

The foundation of good data analysis and reliable report development is proper data modelling. You will have access to a full toolbox of data extraction, cleaning, organizing, and loading procedures that can be applied to your current data lakes as a result of our collaboration.

We develop DAX to fully customize your analytics model using hierarchies and quick measures.

Power BI Visualization and Report

Analysis is a critical stage in any thorough data analytics application to comprehend the data at hand. We make it possible for you to visualize such massive data sets using graphs, charts, and plots. Our Power BI services even include customized data visualization and dashboard design. Even with complicated data, we specialize in creating assumptions before constructing statistical models. You may use Power BI’s reporting features to provide critical insights in real-time.

Power BI Training

We train your employee in data exploration, dashboard creation, and the use of Power BI technologies such as DAX, Power View, Pivot, and Query.

Why choose us as Power BI solution partner?

We give our clients the capacity to form relationships, drive innovation, enhance operations, and connect while simplifying complex setups and integrations. We are the top provider of Power BI services and are well-recognized for our Power BI consulting services in the United States, Canada, and India.

Our highly skilled team of Power BI experts has significant expertise in Power BI consulting services, allowing us to comprehend every component of your project. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Providing on-time and high-quality deliverables services: We acknowledge the importance of our clients’ time and believe in excellent delivery, making us the trustworthy choice of so many businesses and organizations.
  • Latest technology: In order to preserve the quality of the services we provide; we work with the newest cutting-edge products and technology.
  • Transparency: We strongly believe in keeping our clients informed of every aspect and service provided throughout project execution, hence ensuring client-company transparency.
Why choose us as Power BI solution partner?

Power Virtual Agent AI chatbots service

The power of Virtual Agents enables quick customer service. It’s like having a personal assistant for 24 hours without the need for any high coding! There will be no more waiting on hold or replying and forth while your clients continue to wait.

TSInfo Technologies’s certified expertise assists you to choose and build the best bot for your company after analyzing the industry and your customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Why choose Power Virtual Agent?

No Coding

With an easy-to-use graphical interface, you can create and manage powerful chatbots without requiring any coding or AI acumen.

Enable to take action

Power Virtual Agents can be integrated with daily life products and services. Power Automate allows you to create custom workflows while the Bot Framework allows you to create complex cases.

Streamlined Communication

You can integrate your own virtual agents 24×7 to automate communications.

Accurate outcomes

It allows being responding that are accurate and customized to your clients.

Our Services and Offers

TSInfo Technologies’s Power Virtual Agent experts will organize your requirements and your client’s desires before designing the bot or interactive channel to enhance the outcome of your offering.

  • We offer virtual chatbots to free up staff time to focus on complicated requirements and greater engagement.
  • The agents you prefer are always working to get you the answers you need, no matter what time it is.
  • Allow your teams to act on client information or requests in the presence of virtual agents.
  • Ensured accuracy when responding to complicated customer inquiries.
  • Integrations across multiple platforms for significant presence.
Power Virtual Agent AI chatbots service

Microsoft Power Pages Consulting Services

Utilize Microsoft Power Pages to quickly create websites that provide clients with information and services.

Without the upfront expenditures of building a website, Power Pages will allow you to securely provide your clients with limited access to the data on the Power Platform.

Its connection with current Microsoft services like Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and the Power Platform command line interface, however, makes it unique.

For all your business operations, including onboarding, tracking, vendor management, and more, we have Power Pages professionals that can create websites anywhere in the world.

Low-Code Applications

Create complete company websites with as little or no coding as feasible. We can quickly add text, photos, videos, forms, and apps. Also, you may customize the look of websites.

Securely and Efficiently

With Power Pages, create company websites cost-effectively and safely.

Improve Cooperation

Increase teamwork amongst internal and external individuals, or within partnerships.

Improve Page Efficiency

Through various interfaces, we can easily increase the functionality of pages.

Our Services

  • Our experts at TSinfo technologies will help you to create secure, low-code business websites for you to showcase information and services.
  • We will analyze your business requirements and then build and design pages using text, videos, images, or by using business data forms and lists.
  • Security is important for business data, we will make sure to implement role-based access, so that information will be secure from unauthorized users.
Microsoft Power Pages Consulting Services

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