SharePoint Framework Development

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is the next evolution in SharePoint development. Develop SharePoint client side web parts, application customizers, field customizers, listview customizers, library component and applications for Microsoft Teams.

TSinfo technologies is one of the leading spfx development companies in India providing custom client-side solutions. We can help you in developing SPFx web parts, Extensions. Our SharePoint framework development having Microsoft MVPs helps in understanding your requirements, developing various SPFx solutions, and finally deploying solutions to your environment.

Overview of SPFx – SharePoint Framework

Microsoft comes up with a new development model for SharePoint that uses modern web technologies and tools and that is known as SharePoint Framework or SPFx. SPFx is a page and web part model that has the full support of client-side SharePoint developments.

We can also easily integrate with SharePoint data, and extend SPFx solutions to Microsoft Teams. By using spfx, we can develop solutions that are fully responsive and mobile-ready.

Microsoft recommends using SPFx for SharePoint development and customizations for SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva. SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is supported for both SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint on-premises starting from SharePoint Server 2016.

The new SharePoint framework (Spfx) development model is all about open-source client-side technologies like Node.js, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue.js, npm, gulp, webpack, Yeoman, Visual Studio Code, SharePoint rest apis, PnP, etc. We can build client-side solutions that we can integrate with modern SharePoint UX.

Advantages of using SPFx

  • Fully responsive, lightweight, reliable, and mobile friendly
  • Support for latest open source tools and technologies like react js, angular js, typescript, vue.js, npm, yeoman, gulp, node.js, vs code, etc.
  • JavaScript bases solutions, no iframes
  • Extend solutions to Microsoft teams
  • Support for both modern and classic SharePoint pages
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What we can build for you in SPFx

TSinfo has experienced SPFx developers and consultants who can help you build various client-side solutions for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint client side web parts

Client-side web parts are the basic building blocks of SharePoint. Our SPFx can build client-side web parts for various business requirements using spfx and modern client-side development tools. Not only in SharePoint but also we can implement web parts in Microsoft Teams.

Application Customizers

SharePoint Framework supports extensions that we can use to customize notification areas, toolbars, list data views, etc. Our team can help to build application customizers which you can use to add scripts to the page, and accesses well-known HTML element placeholders and extends them with custom renderings. A few examples like creating a menu, adding a news ticker, etc.

Field Customizer extension

We have SPFx experienced developers who can help you create field customizer extensions using the SharePoint framework. We can use field customizers to modify views to data for fields within a list. Easily, we can apply the SPFx field customizer extension to existing SharePoint list columns. For example, we can develop a field customizer to apply conditional formatting to various list columns.

ListView Command Set Extension

We can use listview command set extensions to add new custom actions to SharePoint list view command surfaces. By using SPFx listview command sets, we can add command buttons to the command bar into a SharePoint list view.

Search Query extension

In SPFx, we can develop search query extensions using the SharePoint framework that can be used to modify search queries executed using the search experience.

Form customizer

TSinfo SPFx experts can help you develop SPFx form customizers. The form customizers in the SharePoint framework help to override the form experience at a list or library level.

Library component solution

SharePoint Framework library components allow us to write shared code. These codes can be referenced accoss all the SPFx components like web parts, extensions, and Microsoft teams in SharePoint tenant.

Microsoft Teams applications using SharePoint Framework

By using the SPFx development model, we can build components for Microsoft Teams. We can extend additional functionality in Microsoft Teams for users. Our SharePoint framework developers can build Teams tabs and personal apps using SPFx.

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