SharePoint Projects and Products

Check out our SharePoint products and projects we worked till now

Starting from 2017, at TSInfo Technologies, we have worked on various projects for our esteem clients. We develop various enterprise portals for them, we developed intranet portals and business process automation for them, we develop various SharePoint products for them.

Let us check out our SharePoint works.

Enterprise Products Portal

One of client based out in Canada wanted to have a product portal for their internal employees. So we created a SharePoint Online portal where they can store and manage products.

As an administrator, they can store products in a SharePoint list. They can manage the Product categories and sub categories from the SharePoint Online term store.

Features of the Portal:

  • Navigation by using SharePoint Online term store
  • User can see products based on Category
  • User can see details of products including additional images
  • Users can check the user manual

Technology Used

  • SharePoint Online Office 365
  • JavaScript (JSOM), HTML, CSS
  • Content search web part
  • Custom master page

Sales Team Reporting using Power BI

There is a requirement from my client to display the sales team’s reporting. So we make a complete system for it.

Developed a scheduler that will pick the data automatically from a local drive and upload it into the SharePoint list. The scheduler will run weekly once.

Then we have developed various reports and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI. There are different views for administrators as well as for sales executives.

Technology Used:

  • Power BI Online, Power BI Desktop
  • C#.Net, SharePoint Online client object model

Enterprise Apps Development using PowerApps

We got a requirement for one of our client to create a PowerApps App for their security personals, they want to enter details about persons who are entering into the Office premises for Covid-19.

They want to track information like Name, Department, location, Body temperature, travel history, if they are washing hands, etc. Apart from this if there are any Covid-19 symptoms like Fever, cough, sore throat, Loss of smell or taste, Nausea, etc.

Also, once the security personals save the information, it should trigger an email to a group of people.

For this, we create two Apps using Microsoft PowerApps, one App using the Tablet layout and the other one by using the Mobile layout. And we created a Microsoft Flow for sending out the email with details.

Technology Used:

  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Power Automate or Flow

SPFx Solution Development

We have created various web parts using SharePoint Framework for various SharePoint requirements. We used Reactjs, Bootstrap, PnP, etc, in our SPFx solutions and web parts.

For example, we created an SPFx web part for users to upload excel files to a document library, and also there will be a form to provide the user inputs like metadata for the document.

Also, we have developed Microsoft flows for approval and email notifications.

Technology Used:

  • SharePoint Framework
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Reactjs
  • Bootstrap

SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online Migration

For one of our clients in the USA, we have migrated their SharePoint 2013 sites to SharePoint Online. There are more than 300 site collections and lots of custom visual web parts were there.

We have migrated the data using the Metalogix tool. Redeveloped all the SharePoint visual web parts to SPFx web parts and also SharePoint designer 2013 workflows to Microsoft Flow or Power Automate.

Technology Used:

  • SharePoint Online
  • Metalogix
  • SharePoint Framework
  • Reactjs
  • Visual Studio Code, etc.

SharePoint Intranet Development

For a lot of clients, we developed various intranets for their organizations. We use SharePoint Online modern experience and used various out of box web parts.

We have created SharePoint team sites as well as communication sites.

Technology Used:

  • SharePoint Online modern experience
  • SharePoint Out of Box web parts

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