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TSInfo Technologies team developed few SharePoint Products and few sharepoint online intranet examples for various intranet sites. Check out our products for SharePoint online and on-premise and few SharePoint intranet examples for both SharePoint online, SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint Online modern experience sites.

Our SharePoint Products

User Custom Action Management (FREE TOOL)

TSInfo Technologies developed an "User Custom Action Management" FREE tool which organizations can use to Add/Remove/Display User Custom Action options in Site Actions Menu. The tool is available for SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise versions (SharePoint 2013/2016/2016).  By using this FREE tool, you can easily add links in the User custom action menu in SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 or SharePoint Online.

SharePoint product development

Technology Used:

On-Premises Version:
SharePoint 2019/2016/2013, Server Object Model, CSS etc.

Online Version:
SharePoint Online, JavaScript Object Model (JSOM), HTML, CSS etc.

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SharePoint Portals

Below are few intranet portals we have developed for SharePoint Online Office 365 as well as for SharePoint On Premise versions. You can request for a demo and we will go through the portals. Data are dynamic in all portals, means the data are loading from list or libraries.

SharePoint intranet portals

SharePoint Intranet Portal

This is an intranet portal build for SharePoint Online Office 365. Here we have used HTML 5, CSS, JSOM, jQuery, Rest API etc.

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SharePoint Online Modern Portals

We have expertise in modern experience in SharePoint Online Office 365. Below are few portals we have developed in modern experience of Office 365 SharePoint Online.

SharePoint online modern sites
Modern SharePoint Online portal examples
sharepoint online modern team site template
sharepoint online modern team site template example

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Let us have a demo on our SharePoint Products, Portals & Projects. We have some good FREE products and eye catching SharePoint Portals.